My sister commissioned you to paint my dog as a Christmas gift and it’s seriously one of my most prized possessions!! The painting looks just like her and has a super playful energy to it. For someone who’s never met my dog, you hit the nail on the head with capturing her personality! Thank you so much!

Margo M.

Marco is an amazing artist to work with, whether you’re commissioning work or collaborating. A valued member of the local art scene, he produces a wide variety of work in different styles. As a local musician, Marco is on my short list of artists I regularly collaborate with and the art I’ve gotten from him over the years are some of my most treasured possessions.

Stephanie S.

I love the watercolor you did of my kitty! It’s on my bedside table in a frame 😊


Marco gifted us a beautiful painting of our new veggie farm. He’d volunteered with us and I saw him snap a pic of the gardens as he was leaving. A couple weeks later he gave us a wonderful painting of what we had all created together. Such a wonderful surprise.

Thank you Marco, from Food For Thought Farm.

painting of a farm

First we bought a small painting of an elephant, which is my favorite animal. We loved it so much we commissioned Small pictures of the entire families favorite animals for Christmas. They were a big hit! Next we commissioned a painting of my older sons dog. He teared up…. the teenager teared up! Next was a painting of a friends dog. She loved it so much she is commissioning paintings of her past dogs. Apparently all the pictures need to look the same and Marcos are the best! Next my husband commissioned a painting of my dog that passed away. When I opened it on Christmas morning I cried! We will be getting paintings of all the dogs in the future. We have also gotten a number of stickers, which my boys love. It’s way cooler to have original artwork stickers than boring ones from some random store.


Dude! I have that orange of yours in my kitchen and I fucking love it.

Gerard V

The portrait I commissioned as a wedding present for @haley_curie and Carter is such a gorgeous piece of work. I love seeing it everytime I visit them. When they had to evacuate from the fires last year they took that painting and their cats

Jessica A.

Marco was wearing this super rad panda mask so I asked him where he got it. He said it was one of his paintings and I could order it online. I had no idea one could do such things! I was so excited I ordered it right away as a gift for my mother because she is obsessed with pandas. She LOVES it!

Thanks again Marco. Your the best!

Jenni P

Buy The Panda Mask Here!