The Shane Brown Project

The convergence of art and music

For years now I’ve joined my friend, and unmatched musician, Shane Brown on stage to add a visual element to his performances. We’ve been regulars at a range of venues in the Portland metro area from food cart pods to the Doug Fir.

It all started off as doodles while hanging out watching rehearsals, putting together time lapse videos set to Shane’s music, and leading up to a first go of it at a food cart pod in deep South East Portland. We knew we had something unique and that it was an enterprise worth pursuing.

Since our first get up I’ve swung between large and small pieces, planned and impromptu, pencil and paint, projected paintings, digital art, and due to the pandemic a couple of socially distanced streaming shows. It’s been a trip watching Shane evolve and trying to keep my artwork up to snuff, progressing along with the music. With the pandemic essentially eliminating live shows for the time being, the future of art and music is uncertain, but the work we’ve created along the way will always survive.